Taking action for Portland’s future

Protect our neighborhood schools by rebuilding all four elementary schools, including Reiche and Longfellow.

Build more affordable housing for low- and middle-income families.

Targeted tax relief for seniors, renters, and working families when housing costs are too high compared to income.

Protect our local environment by revitalizing our parks and public open spaces and banning harmful pesticides.

Other Positions

Promote Local Businesses – Bree is a strong supporter of Portland Buy Local and believes in fostering an environment where locally owned businesses can thrive.

Walkable Portland – Portland should pursue zoning and improved public transit for walkable communities rather than suburban-style, car-centric development.

Clean Elections – Clean Elections has reduced the influence of special interest money in politics in state races. It’s time to bring public financing to Portland to level the playing field in city races too.

Support for the Arts – A thriving city must support and invest in the arts and the people who create it. A commitment to public art will be a centerpiece of Bree’s program if elected.