I work in affordable housing. I attended Portland schools and graduated from Bowdoin College. My husband and I live on the street where I grew up. My son goes to Reiche school, like I did.

I ran the referendum to save Congress Square Park after the council voted to sell it. I’ve worked hard to turn the park into a place for everyone to enjoy.

I joined the massive effort to put a bond out to the voters to fix all four elementary schools because we can’t leave it up to Paul LePage.

It shouldn’t be this hard. On affordable housing, tax relief, earned sick time for workers or deciding how we grow as a city, the council isn’t leading. People aren’t being heard.

It’s time for new leadership with vision. I’m ready to take action on these issues. I’ll remember my roots and work hard to keep us inclusive of people of all incomes and backgrounds and preserve Portland’s unique character.

Please give me your vote on November 7th,

I will make sure you always have a voice,

Bree LaCasse


Bree will make sure you always have a voice in Portland’s future

Three years ago, when the City Council tried to sell Congress Square Park, Bree LaCasse knew the will of the people was being ignored. So she ran the successful campaign to block the sale and establish new protections for Portland’s public parks. She then led the efforts to raise private funding to turn the “failed” park into the gem that it is today–and always should have been.

It was a victory for the people of Portland–but also a glaring example of the lack of vision and leadership on the part of City leaders during this time of great change.

City Council isn’t listening to us

From rebuilding our schools to affordable housing to tax relief for working families and seniors, the City Council just keeps coming up short and important decisions are being decided by referendum. We need new leadership–with the ability to listen to what Portlanders need, bring people together, and the skill to get it done.

The vision & action Portland needs now

Bree LaCasse is a lifetime advocate for Portland’s students, parks, housing, immigrants, and the arts. A product of Portland Public Schools. A parent who lives the day-to-day needs of her fellow Portlanders. And a proven leader in both the business and non-profit sectors.



Taking action for Portland’s future

Protect our neighborhood schools by rebuilding all four elementary schools, including Reiche and Longfellow.

Build more affordable housing for low- and middle-income families.

Targeted tax relief for seniors, renters, and working families when housing costs are too high compared to income.

Protect our local environment by revitalizing our parks and public open spaces and banning harmful pesticides.

Other Positions

Promote Local Businesses – Bree is a strong supporter of Portland Buy Local and believes in fostering an environment where locally owned businesses can thrive.

Walkable Portland – Portland should pursue zoning and improved public transit for walkable communities rather than suburban-style, car-centric development.

Clean Elections – Clean Elections has reduced the influence of special interest money in politics in state races. It’s time to bring public financing to Portland to level the playing field in city races too.

Support for the Arts – A thriving city must support and invest in the arts and the people who create it. A commitment to public art will be a centerpiece of Bree’s program if elected.

About Bree

Dedicated Portland community advocate

Graduate of Portland public schools.

Founding Executive Director of Friends of Congress Square Park.

Member of development team at Community Housing of Maine, breaking down barriers to quality affordable housing.

First Development Director at immigrant Legal Advocacy Project.

Portland Museum of Art Trustee, co-chaired Contemporaries reinvigorating under-45 participation in local arts.

Partner at Raven Equity Holdings.

Co-author of Uninvested: How Wall Street Hijacks Your Money and How to Fight Back.


(affiliations listed for identification purposes only):


Proudly endorsed by the Maine State Building & Construction Trades Council

Mary Allen Lindemann, Owner of Coffee by Design; Co-founder of Portland Buy Local

Mark Dion, former Cumberland County Sheriff, current State Senator representing Portland

Marnie Morrione, Board of Education member

David Marshall, Fine artist, former City Councilor

Ben Grant, Former Maine Democratic Party State Chair

Robert O’Brien, Former Portland Charter Commissioner and Board of Education Member

John Eder, Board of Education Member and former state legislator, County Charter Commissioner

Lisa Penalver, Chair, Peaks Island Council

Timmi Sellers, Vice-chair, Peaks Island Council

Jay Norris, East End businessman

Andy Graham, Friends of Capisic Pond President, Creative Portland Founding President

John Coleman, The VIA Agency founder

Patrick Roche, entrepreneur and Think Tank owner

Alex Fisher, El Rayo co-owner and Planet Dog founder

Jessica Tomlinson

Lucas and Yemaya St. Clair

Alison Smith, Campaign Finance Activist

Kris Clark, Transportation Activist, former owner of Zootz dance club.

Emily Figdor, Protect Our Neighborhood Schools President and Co-Chair Reiche PTO

Jed Rathband

Aura Russell-Bedder, Protect Our Neighborhood Schools Advisory Committee

Joan Leitzer and Ken Spirer

Lin Lisberger

Amy Grommes Pulaski

Annie Leahy and Mike Carey

Tracie Reed

Will Everitt

Justin and Amy Jaffe

Desi Van Til and Sean Mewshaw

Charity West

Bryan Wentzell and Anna Fincke

John Thibodeau, Love Deering Center co-founder

Emily and Duncan Bruce

Christine Hey

Sam Spencer, West End resident and entrepreneur

Karen Perry, volunteer extraordinaire, Congress Square Park, Portland Disability Advisory Committee

Curt Sachs, West End Neighborhood Association, Architect

Lucky and Toby Hollander



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Bree is counting on grassroots support to make her bid for Portland City Council a reality.

Will you chip in?

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